Proposed Curriculum Update

Proposed Curriculum Update
Posted on 05/06/2021
The High Prairie School Division Board of Trustees discussed the proposed curriculum at the April Board Meeting. They did not make a motion to approve or deny piloting the proposed curriculum as our Board had meetings planned with local MLAs to discuss what options were available to our students and staff for providing feedback on the proposed curriculum, regardless of whether we piloted it or not.

Our Board is concerned about the amount of work this will ask of our already overtaxed teachers. Further, they feel students have missed learning over the past year, and piloting a new curriculum could set them back further. They have had concerns raised by our parents and community members. First Nations, Métis Settlements, and Francophone communities have noted the lack of accurate, authentic material presented. Parents are voicing concerns about the age-appropriateness of the subject matter.

In meetings with our MLAs, the Board relayed these concerns as reasons why piloting would be difficult for our Division. The Board did emphasize that teachers would be going through the proposed curriculum next year in collaboration with grade-level groups and that our teachers would be able to provide sound feedback to the government about the areas the government is looking for (literacy, numeracy, citizenship and practical skills). Additionally, the Board will be holding collaborative engagement sessions with our stakeholders to receive feedback on the proposed curriculum to be provided to the government. MLAs confirmed that our Division staff would be able to provide valuable feedback on the proposed curriculum, regardless of whether we piloted it or not.

The Board of Trustees weighed all of the community and school feedback, aggregated data from administration, and information from the meetings with our MLAs. With no schools or teachers interested in piloting the proposed curriculum and the knowledge that we would still be able to provide valuable feedback, the Board did not pursue the matter further as there will be no schools in HPSD piloting the proposed curriculum.
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