Scoring System

Our 2021 Robo Rumble competition will be a Sumo Match. This pits one Robot against another in a pushing match. 

The rules of our Sumo Fight challenge is the same for both Elementary and Junior/Senior High students. They will have the same scoring system. Students will compete in round robin matches where each team will compete with each of the other teams from the same or different schools. The winner will take 3 Points and the loser will take 1 point.

In a special case, if we have a tie in points for any of the first 3 positions, a knockout match will be played to identify the winner. 

For example: 
We have Team A, Team B,  and Team C competing.

For the Sumo Fight: 

Team A Vs Team B Team A won so 3 points  Team B will get 1 point 
 Team A Vs Team C  Team C won so 3 points Team A will get 1 point
Team B Vs Team C Team B won so 3 points Team C will get 1 point

If we add the points of both challenges: 
Team C = 7 points, Gold
Team B = 6 points, Silver
Team A = 5 points, Bronze

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